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We're keeping things alive (every now and then) by pulling them up and attaching a new post to them.

Simply put, 2009 has been an insane year. Some of the lowest lows and highest highs. Sometimes I think its a shame I don't use Livejournal enough to chronicle them, and keep them in perspective, particularly in terms of the long arc from February 2001 to December 2009- all of my growing up- which is chronicled here, but then again, as an unequivocal adult I'm less concerned with the reification of my inner thoughts and existential ramblings. Oh 26, you're crazier than billed (here's the moment where I think to myself "am I 26? Let me count"). It's funny to think that at age 16 there's never a millisecond of doubt. Now, what's my age again? Oh Blink 182, I think I know what you meant, but it sure isn't the same thing I thought it meant when I was 16.

So happy new year. What will I do, and where will I go?


PS, I love that now there's an option to select adult content. Yes, this journal contains adult concepts. haha.
Oh Livejournal, this is the longest I've neglected to post anything in here in our nearly 8+ year tenure. and look, I'm marrying someone I somehow met through here maybe 6 years ago? Yes, crazy meetups. those crazy times. this crazy place and that crazy history.

I constantly think I'm evolving out of the need to use this medium. migrating to facebook, twitters, iphones and the real world. I'm not sure I know anymore either.

Ice . Road . Benefits . Thanksgiving

Today's walk to the train was blustery and cold. The wind was whipping my nose and numbing my ears; it felt like home. I suppose I thought it would be warmer in New York, in the vaugest sense of the word warmer- perhaps perceptable to me, having endured the 1/2 mile walk to Buffalo State in 2 feet of snow and negative degree wind chills. However, cold is cold- and cold it was.

Also, for those of you who haven't heard- Katey and I are officially domestic partners. Health Care benefits, and hospital visitation rights for all; tax breaks for none! She's still job hunting, but in the interim, at least we're both covered now. That is good news. The best part is when she finishes her book and has to relocated to San Francisco for business, I would get unemployment because we're domestic partners...! (though again, this is only really recognized by New York City government, and her benefits are taxed, which gets me feeling a bit indignant about the status of equal marriage rights)

I'm heading home for the first time in 6 months next week. It should be fun to see how things have changed back at home (and how things probably really haven't). I do miss my family (and Buffalo) so it will be nice to at least stop home. and then driving Katey's car back will remind me of the "open road"- which I do admit to missing. Though it will likely be too cold to stick my hand out the window and really appreciate the wind rushing at me at 70.

Nov. 10th, 2008

Prioritization is the hardest part. There's so many things I want to do, but I can't accomplish them all at once. That's for sure. I need to slow it down...
"We [would] rescue the jobs, the savings and the ability to get a loan for each hard-working American," said Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y."

No, the right to a loan is not an immutable part of being an American. Every American does not need a loan. Fuck the government, they clearly don't speak for us. The part about loans that everyone wants to ignore is the paying back part.
who's paying it back? the Young.